Ep 178 of Your 30W/ Marty & The Arrogant Observer: The Monthly Dump!! by Lamar Edwards


Marty and the Arrogant Observer are back with a free for all this week, throwing out the regular format for a shooting the s%^t style conversation that's a fun listen. This week Marty and Arrogant Observer discuss the mile high club, Boots Riley and BlackKKlansman, and Marty and AO's crush. Audio is a little funky this week, apologies from the crew, and happy listening.

Ep. 177 of Your 30 W/ Marty & Arrogant Observer: For Cooler by Lamar Edwards


This week Marty and The Arrogant Observer get together to talk this week's trash, remember a friend that's no longer with us, remember an Icon whose no longer with us & and Madonna, at it again. Music week from Lucas of RedBarrington and the music genius of Nice. Also, here's a link to some photos of Cooler, http://www.lowrainpictures.com/project-5/n2xzdse0p0awznsee9091ipxacl41m 

Ep. 171 of Your 30 W/ Marty & The Arrogant Observer: Nobody Talks about Phillip Seymour Hoffman by Lamar Edwards

This week Marty and The Arrogant Observer discuss the Tony Awards and believe it or not but there is a Spongebob Squarepants musical and you know how Marty feels about musicals. They also review the recent film "Hotel Artemis" in a new Marty section called MoviePass W/ Marty. Be sure to check out Arrogant Observer's blog and be sure to follow us on instagram.

Ep. 168 of Your 30 W/ Marty & The Arrogant Observer: Clappin' To Take Back by Lamar Edwards


**Attention** Greetings Your30 listeners, Lowrainpicutres Podcast Network apologizes, the wrong ep was posted early but it has been removed and we are sorry for the mix up. But on this brand spanking new show The Arrogant Observer eats a plate of crow all by himself in the 6 Degrees Of Black Panther challenge we have going on with The FlyWithBats Podcast (check them out on iTunes), and we talk about the NFL playing hardball with their new rules and The Obamas are coming to netflix ya'll. Good luck with that boycott now, Love ya'll for real.