xDoesn't Matter if You're Black or Whitex by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are in with one singular message...Whether you're Cosby, Kavanaugh, or Weinstein...you're trash and you deserve to go to jail.

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Hurricane Marian by Lamar Edwards

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It's Game Night as Roxie's mom sits in this session. Your Doctors had fantastic weekends and are looking forward to change, but...men are still trash and we still love them.

Our very first Thérapie Noir featured Indie Artist is NOLA's very own Ashley Renée Watkins!
Artist Name: Ashley Renée
Location: New York, NY
Single Title: Red Wine
Single Release Date: 8/23/18
Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-431678841/red-wine


New Orleans native Ashley Renée is a classically trained vocalist who has often ventured into other styles of music but is taking it to the next level with the release of her first single" Red Wine". The NOLA artist has been based in New York City since 2014 – the year she appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent with her duo ACTE II. Ashley Renée has been thrilling crowds with opera, jazz, broadway and gospel tunes.and is now adding R&B to her vocal arsenal with the release of her first single "Red Wine".

Released on August 23, 2018 "Red Wine" is a R&B song with a vintage feel featuring tight background harmonies, a smooth melody and poetic lyrics. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ashley-Ren%C3%A9e-170891953003484/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AshleyReneeSop

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashleyreneevocals/


Episode10: New Format, Same Foolishness by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are in! This week LNichelle and Roxie are really into the gathering spirit with fresh and new format. Roxie is stanning hard for Vince Staples and Tyler the Creator while LNichelle is still half cripple. Neither of them are here for your tragedy porn or Katy Perry's fashion critiques and are kicking up their personal self care in amazing ways. These men are still very eye roll worthy and this week's Doctors' Orders are a must listen.

Thérapie Noir Ep. 9 by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are finally back and are now taking regular appointments! In this week's session LNichelle and Roxie are just about sick of the weather, these men, and talking about Robert, William, and Kanye. Roxie recalls an awful date, L Nichelle's prayers to #FreeMeek have finally come to pass, and both ladies have lukewarm takes on the Donald Glover inspired blerd (black nerd) argument. There are many MANY sides...please send help.

Thérapie Noir Ep. 8 by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are in from an extended and unplanned hiatus! This week Roxie and LNichelle are talking all about Wakanda, the frustrations, follies, and frivolous tricks of dating. Listener questions get some in depth answers and they're wining about our favorite connooissuer of Hollywood dramz...our sweet baby Mo'Nique.

Thérapie Noir Ep. 7 by Lamar Edwards

You Doctors are in! This week LNichelle and Roxie are holding session in NOLA and they're talking about it all. Vacations vs. Baecations, celebrities getting put on a really REALLY dumb pedestal, the importance of the Black dollar, and so much more.

Thérapie Noir Ep. 6 by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are in! This week Roxie and LNichelle talk the creature comforts of home, the art of the cheap date, and how not to waste anyone's time. They also have a pretty deep distrust of non POCs and they're wining all about it.

Thérapie Noir Ep. 5 by Lamar Edwards

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Your Doctors are in! This week LNichelle and Roxie debrief Thanksgiving, plan their fantasy Buckingham (but actually Kensington) Palace wedding, and how they might have to throw the whole Denzel away. And for the first week ever, LNichelle and Roxie read and answer some listener questions!